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Bulgarians are a Balkan people whose mother tongue is Bulgarian. In the 9th century the Slavic language was accepted as official and began a process of formation of a Bulgarian nationality. At the end of the 14th century, the Bulgarian state was destroyed and the Bulgarian lands became the property of the Ottoman Empire. Many times the Bulgarians try to revive their country. The restoration of Bulgaria is confirmed by the Berlin Treaty. Bulgaria declared independence as a sovereign state in 1908. The celebration of the Liberation of Bulgaria is March 3rd, was first celebrated in Veliko Tarnovo on 3 March 1879. and to this day it is the biggest holiday for the Bulgarians. It was celebrated in honor of the signing of the San Stefano Peace Treaty on that date in 1878.

New Year's Kukeri carnival "Starchevata" in the town of Razlog

Baba Marta