Creative Works of Our Teachers and Pupils

Nadezhda Tincheva

Nadezhda Tincheva is a student from 12th grade, Hotel Management. She has been writing poems and stories since she was fifteen years old.

Do you see the stars in the sky?
They are beautiful , aren’t they?
And beat right in the heart
Illuminate our invisible souls.

But they are not just up in the sky.
I see two in your eyes.
Know how my heart is warming
and how my cold tears are drying…

Smile. And hug me.
You know I like to hug.
Relax, than close your eyes.
I am next to you and I am not going to leave you!

In your gentle hug I can quietly fall asleep.
Love me like that- naked, smiling, with ruffled hair.
Undress me with a look, with loving eyes.
That you want me to be yours always, now prove me.

I do not want you to leave.
Not today…..
Do not quench yourself like another ordinary candle.
Let’s live in our world for two.
Prove that there is a great love.

I do not want to set free my hand yet.
I want to spend together all the days and nights.
Kindle me let me stay warm for a long time,
To endure when it is time for you to be gone.