The School Patron

The School Patron

Nikola Stoychev

27.11.1901 – Born in Bansko .
To fifth grade high school studied in Razlog.
1922-1924 Studied at the Pedagogical school in Kazanlak , where he created students orchestra.
1924-1928 He was a teacher of History and Music at the local junior high school. He has formed a small orchestra of teachers and pupils school and church choir.
1926 Prepared and put the first operetta ‘’ To Angels “ which he was singing alone.
1928-1930 He studied at a Pedagogical institute in Shumen. Under his leadership and conducting students put the operettes ‘’Natalka-Polgavka’’ and ‘’ The Wise knight ‘’.
1930 He finally returned to Razlog. Again taught at the local junior high school until the end of his life. He is the first of the teachers who was graduated a Pedagogical school and later a teacher’s institute in Shumen and is very well prepared for music and violin. After that he teaches French,History, Literature, Singing by giving to his passion – the Music.
26 operettes were prepared and exported under his leadership. Perform in the cities … Bansko, Yakoruda, Sandanski, Petrich, Gotse Delchev, Velingrad, Blagoevgrad.
A violin lecturer at the music school in the House of culture.
Died on 14.11.1962.