Former Students/Alumni we are Proud of

Former Students
Alumni we are Proud of

Daniela Markova

Here's my story.
I was born in the village of Banya. I graduated the High School of Tourism in Razlog with an intensive study of English. Thanks to the preparation with Mrs. Savanova, I passed the entrance exams and accepted me in Germany as a Business Administration. I graduated from Bachelor in Frankfurt (Ohr) and then started a dual master's degree - one year in America (San Diego) and one year in Germany International Relations. After graduating, I moved to Spain, where I started working in Toyota. I worked for 3 years as an IT coordinator and then moved to Barcelona and HP where I work today.

Ivan Munin - Skoji

I am a musician, but I also deal with surfing and winter sports equipment repairs.
I was lucky to find out what is important to me quite early and take it to my heart and do it with all my might.

Alexander Strahilov

Ivana Trencheva

I'm coaching volleyball from grade 5 and since then I have in all school teams. I was captain of most school teams also. I have gotten the idea to go to America by my coach Ivan Durev. This for me has become a dream of mine. After a year of hard work and with the help of my relatives and my lady Elena Saânova I passed my exams and I e-mailed videos at all schools in America. I got accepted.

at many colleges, but I chose 1/2 annual College volleyball. At the moment my success is 5.50 over, but now I have another purpose - to go back to Bulgaria and became a coach in volleyball in Razlog

Alex Kirilova

Mario Kukov

Hello, Мy name is Mario Koukov, a trainee doctor at the Medical University of Sofia. First of all, I want to thank for the recognition and invitation to become part of this project. It is the recognition of the people who have taught me to be of great importance to me!
My way to dream of being a doctor started in 2007 as an eighth grader at the Vocational High School of Tourism and Catering "Nikola Stoychev" . The next five years were crucial and of great importance for my construction as a person and the realization of my dream. Of great importance are, of course, the support of my family, my class teacher, Veselka Munina, thanks to which my school years were incredible. She managed to create an exceptional class with a wonderful atmosphere in which we were all friends, an indispensable benefit to our growth. I will forever keep warm memories of this time.
I also want to thank all my teachers who have believed in me and helped me to be what I am today! I also wish to express my great gratitude to my chemistry lecturer, Elena Tumbeva, thanks to who I managed to get the WAY. I do not hide that this time was a long, difficult one, connected with many obstacles and deprivations. So I got to the entrance exams and with excellent marks, I was admitted to study Medicine in Medical University - Sofia.
In the university, it was interesting, new friends, new disciplines, I still remember the experiments with mice and frogs in the first course, in vitro training - mouse fertilization, anatomy dissections, numerous microscopic exercises, physiology exercises, every day examinations with colleagues to each other - reversing eyelids and choosing diopter for ocular diseases, ultrasound of abdominal organs, babies degenerations, autopsies of forensic medicine. The years in university weren't certainly the easiest years, besides the many difficult exams, there are also very sick patients who stay in your mind forever.
During my studies, I worked as a medical consultant at the National Patient Organization, as well as in the Serdika Medical Complex, which categorically convinced me that my place is in medicine. Over time, however, I have realized that there are many options to help the sick, not only through conventional treatment methods, but also through scientific developments, medical innovations, new therapies, and so on. So I decided to do two internships abroad.

The first one took place in 2015. in "Klinikum Idar-Oberstein Gmbh" - Germany. I was in a neurosurgery department for a month. The internship was extremely useful. The people I met, the manipulations I did and the cases I was able to take part in were a solid foundation for my future development. I had the honor to take part in a neurosurgical, innovative German-based surgery, with the participation of informatics from Luxembourg.

My second internship was in 2017. in "Hôpital Bichat-Claude Bernard" - Paris, France. In the clinic of anesthesiology and intensive care, besides the interesting cases I saw, due to the specificity of the specialty, because of the need for rapid and adequate reactions, I came to the conclusion that medicine and science are not for individualists, the good results are achieved in large teams by interdisciplinary specialists.
For the future, I hope to be useful to patients and to put faith in them, because when faith meets hope, LIFE finds a way.

Manoela Stoycheva

I graduated and went to the Hague, Netherlands to study International and European law. This year finalized and continued with a Master's degree in international law and security in Glasgow, Scotland.

Asen Hristov

Toni Busarov

I'm a marketing manager. I've been working on various advertising campaigns. The goal is to gather information for potential customers who might be interested in financial markets and then get in touch with potential customers. Using different methods of selling, our goal is to get as many customers to open account trading. Then with trying to stay in touch with customers so that we are sure that you will trguvač with different financial tools that we offer.

(The majority stockholder, Forex, CFDs, obligacij) as a whole almost anything that can be traded on a financial exchange. And the so-called crypto currencies.

Thanks to the good financial choices and hard work achieved her dream to learn and live in London. My job is to manage the entire process and to follow that everything runs in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Asen Markov

I am majoring in Computer Systems and Technologies, after being a student at the Technical University of Plovdiv with AIU (Automation and Information Management). I'm working on programming C # (sharps), but my programming is more like a passion. I go to the US, on a so-called student brigade, where I work as a supervisor (responsible department) housing, which will be told by a department manager at the reception desk of the Valleyfair Amusement Park. After working there everything changed - it is having plenty of friends all over the world, which gives you unlimited opportunities.