Learning on Display: How to Create a School Museum

Our Strategic Partnerships project 'Learning on Display: How to Create a School Museum' is devoted to the educational purposes and benefits of creating a school museum along with introducing elements of Museum education into the partner schools' curricula.

It aims to develop 'Guidelines for Creating a School Museum' while going through four phases: initiation, planning, establishment and running of real and virtual school museums in the partners' institutions.

The project main goals are to promote exchange of experience and know-how between different types of organisations involved in education - 2 vocational high schools, 6 schools providing general secondary education and a technical school.

The idea of the project is to develop guidelines on how to create museums inside our schools - both real and virtual - in order to involve teachers and students into various activities related to museums and also to provide open access to relevant materials, documents and media, making them available for the public, both in printed and digital form on the project platform.

The methodology used in this project is based on active learning and collaborative learning, on sharing experience and ideas and on involving all participants in decision making based on consent to achieve best results helping teachers to get more and better solutions at facing diversity and students' needs.

As a result of this project we expect to find some solutions to the problem of the shortage of materials for including Museum Education into schooling process; to improve links between school education and museums and enhancing quality and attractiveness of task-based learning; to exchange good practice, mastering up-to-date approaches; to develop relevant teaching materials for Museum education and help teachers introduce elements of Museum education across the school curriculum; to connect teachers interested in introducing elements of Museum education with each other and to show that partnership and collaboration are the most responsive to different circumstances and the most effective when building on diverse expertise, strengths and resources.

We also intend to produce Compendium of best practices 'Museums as Educational Partners'; the Guidelines 'How to create a school museum - real and virtual'; a Blended Package of Learning/Teaching Materials “Learning on Display’’.